Alumnae of our chapter, known as Pi members, go on to pursue a diverse range of careers and post graduate plans. From medical school to master’s degrees, from Deloitte to Lionsgate, from Carnegie Hall to the Library of Congress. Our sisters can be found across the globe and just down the street, but they can always call the Pi Palace home! 

Here are words from some of our recent alums on how ADPi impacted their lives!


Chloe Moissis

Why Did You Join ADPi?

I always felt so welcomed immediately at ADPi, and USC is such a big school, it was nice to find a place that felt like home.

How Did ADPi Impact Your Time At USC?

I was constantly inspired by what my sisters were doing, that I was pushed to work harder myself. I also learned about so many opportunities and tried so many things i never would have even heard about without my sisters. And of course it was great to have a group to goof around with when we weren't working too.

What Are Your Post Grad Plans?

I currently work at Sony Pictures as a graphic designer in the Digital Marketing department and plan to continuing designing in the entertainment industry.

How Will You Stay Connected With ADPI Post Graduation?

I plan to live with sisters and keep up through social media and try to see as many as I can after work! And at work, as there are some ADPis at Sony Pictures too!