Meet the 2018 Executive Committee of Alpha Psi  

"The Society shall be called Adelphean, and shall have for its object to the mental, moral, social and domestic improvements of its members.”



Kassie Reynolds, President

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering 

Minor: Business Finance

Why do you love ADPi: I love Alpha Delta Pi because of all it has to offer. I have met lifelong friends, expanded my professional network, and gained a community of women who share my values of academics, diversity, and community engagement. Being in Alpha Delta Pi is more than just cute matching tank tops and Instagram moments, (although I love that part too!)This sorority is about the women you choose to surround yourself with, who as a result, inspire, motivate and support you in everything you do. I know that whatever path of life I may choose, I have my sisters by my side every step of the way.



Laura Davis, Executive Vice President

Major: Cinema and Media Studies

Minors: Ceramics and The Entertainment Industry

What does sisterhood means to you: The sisterhood at ADPi is truly a lasting bond and a strong support network. I love ADPi because it has become my home away from home here at USC. My sisters are some of my closest friends and are always there for me from late night study sessions to weekend brunches. I know my sisters are going to be friends for life! Sisterhood goes beyond just our chapter and our time at USC, as I have met some amazing and inspiring women from other chapters.

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Morgan Kelly, Recruitment & Marketing Vice President  

Major: Business Administration 

Why I chose ADPi: ADPi girls are incredible. They are smart, motivated, fun and funny. They make my life better, every single day. They are my best friends and my biggest motivators. I feel like being in ADPi has shaped me into a better person, and will continue to do so even after I graduate. 


Katie McCool, Member Education Vice President

 Major: Human Biology 

Minor: Health Care Studies

Favorite sisterhood event: Definitely going to Disneyland last fall! It was so much fun to be a kid again for a day with all of my sisters.


Marin Hodges, Finance Vice President

Major: Business Administration with an International Relations emphasis

How has ADPi added to your college experience: ADPi introduced me to my best friends and some of the most inspiring people I know. Being surrounded by such an accomplished, driven, diverse group of women has inspired me to push my boundaries and become the best version of myself. My college experience would not be the same without ADPi, and I cannot wait to see all the amazing things my sisters accomplish in the future.


Madeline White, Director of Standards & Ethics  

Major(s): Physics and History

Favorite ADPi memory: Calling my mom on bid day and telling her I had run home to ADPi that afternoon. After a stressful week of recruitment and knowing with all my heart that I wanted to join her sorority it was amazing to be able to share my excitement with her. Counting her as one of my "sisters" is, and always will be, my favorite part of being an ADPi


Nina Doehrman, Director of Social Enrichment

Major: Business Administration

Minor: Sports Media Studies

What’s an ADPi Game Day like?:Waking up on a game day is better than waking up on Christmas morning. Everyone at USC, and especially girls in ADPi, have so much spirit when it comes to football games and no one would miss a great tailgate. My favorite part of a USC gameday is tailgating with my sisters. There is always a great turnout and it’s so fun to see everyone get excited for the game, and dress up in the full ADPi gameday attire. All in all, ADPi gamedays are my favorite part of fall semester!


Carly Callahan, Panhellenic Delegate

Major: Health and Human Sciences

Minor: Occupational Science

What Surprised me the most about ADPi: ADPi is so involved on campus. Almost every information session I’ve gone to I’ve seen someone in ADPi in that club or organization.