February Polished Pi - Noelle Pardo

Our February 2018 winner of the Polished Pi award is Noelle Pardo. She is a friend to all within the house and is described by sisters as a “wonderful listener and a friendly smile”. She is also an incredibly positive person. Her involvements include: the Student Alumni Association, Society 53, Club Beach Volleyball, and training to be a tour guide for the Admissions Center. In addition, she is extremely passionate about her studies which relate to sustainability and medicine. Noelle remains involved in ADPi by being a part of our Sports Committee and being both a positive and consistent presence in many sisters’ lives. When asked about this recipient, her friend Lucine Beylerian said “Noelle brightens up every room she walks into. Her schedule is busier than I can imagine, but she always has a smile on her face and will always make time to listen to me when I'm having a bad day. She is the one who inspires me to become more involved and who makes me feel excited about the things I am pursuing. I look forward to our dinners every Friday night because even after a long and tiring week, its worth it. I am so lucky to have her as a fellow ADPi and one of my best friends”. Congratulations Noelle! Thank you for being the ideal representation of a sister in Alpha Delta Pi. We love you!