Welcome from the Recruitment & Marketing

Vice President


Hi All!

I am Alexa Rumberg, the Recruitment & Marketing Vice President for Alpha Delta Pi's Alpha Psi Chapter. First of all, I hope you are all excited about the upcoming recruitment as I am. I can not tell you how excited I am to meet all of you. Alpha Delta Pi has changed my life & my college experience for the better. To be honest, I never really saw myself in a sorority and now I can't picture what it would be like without one. Being from New Jersey, leaving home for the first time & being on my own was a hard adjustment for me. I spent my first few weeks here feeling very alone, until I found my home. 

ADPI has become my safe haven. Not only is it mine, but I get to share it with almost 200 incredible women. These are women that have shown me unconditional love and support. These are women that are involved in almost every organization on campus. These women are incredibly smart and diverse in what they study and what they want to pursue. There isn't a sister I haven't learned something new from. These women are genuine in their actions, and there will always be someone in ADPI that will want to be there for you, take you for ice cream when you're upset, or talk to you if you're stressed out. These are women that will come to your performances, help you move out of your apartment or let you escape to theirs when you need a change of environment. I only know this, because these are the experience I have had with my sisters in Alpha Delta Pi & I can't wait to show you our sisterhood. It is the most important thing to me about ADPI and it something I cherish the most. I never had a sibling growing up, let alone a sister, and now I have 200 of them. 

I know this time can be stressful for a lot of you & finding your new home here is not always the easiest, but just know that we all went through it too! Trust me, my recruitment experience was no easy task. There was a lot of tears, a lot of stress and a lot of nights of no sleep. That all changed the second I realized I wanted ADPI to be my new home. There was something about ADPI that made me feel like it was okay to be feeling all of these things. That even if ADPI was not the house for me that there would still be women in this house that still wanted to be my friend after it was all over. There was something in ADPI that made me feel like it was okay to be myself and that I was accepted just as I was. When I realized that, I knew where I belonged. I hope that’s what you see in our sisterhood & I hope you know that even if ADPI isn't where you feel like your sisters are, that you still have a home here.

ADPI is everything I could have wanted in a sorority. We have invites, philanthropic events, amazing networking connections, but most of all we have a genuine sisterhood. There is so much ADPI offers that I never would have expected. I never would have expected myself to live in a sorority house, in one room, with 7 other women from a younger Alpha class I did not know. These sisters are now my best friends. I would never have expected to be asked to play my own original song in front of the entire chapter because they offer unconditional support for what I want to do. Lastly, I would have never thought I would be in this position. I never thought I would end up on the executive board of a sorority. But, here I am alongside my closest friends, and some of the most amazing women I have ever met. 

We can't wait to meet all of you! 

Pi Love & Mine,

Alexa Rumberg