Welcome from the Recruitment & Marketing

Vice President



My name is Morgan Kelly, and I am the Alpha Psi chapter's Recruitment and Marketing Vice President. First and foremost, I would love to say how excited I am to meet you all throughout Recruitment. I know I speak on behalf of the entire house when I say how much we love getting to know you all and showing off our incredible sisterhood. As I am sure you know, USC has recently changed the eligibility requirements for Recruitment, and I just want to emphasize that every Recruitment officer on campus has been working hard to make this change as seamless and beneficial as possible for everyone involved. That being said, the main goal of Recruitment is to find each girl their perfect home, and that is why I ran for this position in the first place. ADPi has been my home and these girls have been my rocks since I joined freshman year. My biggest goal in this position is to help you all understand why. 




Recruitment can be scary and intimidating, and I felt that as much as anyone throughout my Recruitment experience. Whenever I stepped foot in ADPi, however, I knew I was somewhere that I could be comfortable and happy. The girls here are genuine, smart, funny, and kind and create an atmosphere of compassion that is evident the minute you walk in the front door. ADPi is not the sorority you watched in Greek or Legally Blonde. It is a place full of motivated, original, passionate girls who have starred in some of my favorite memories at USC. Every minute with them is an adventure, and I feel lucky to call myself an ADPi. 


The girls are leaders in everything they do. It is hard to find a club on campus that doesn't have an ADPi in it, and most of them have ADPi's as founders and presidents and leaders. They work full time jobs or internships while overloading their classes and are the best at whatever they do. ADPi consistently has one of the highest GPA's on campus and in 2014, our sister Jana Shapiro was Valedictorian. These girls all care about what they do and more importantly, they care about each other. They truly do it all, and just being around them inspires me to be better every day. 


ADPi has everything you'd want in a sorority--invites, philanthropies, connections, sisterhood events all across LA, but it also has everything you didn't even know you needed--someone there at 2 am to edit your final paper, someone to go get Mexican food with you for the sixth time that week, someone to do your makeup and fix your bike and go to that museum exhibit when no one else will. Simply put, we have each other's backs, no questions asked. This chapter truly embodies ADPi's motto, "We live for each other," and I am so thankful for each and every member that has helped me fall in love with our ADPi. 


I could go on for pages about this house, but I will let you see our sisterhood for yourself, and hope you see what it truly means to come home to Alpha Delta Pi.


Pi Love and Mine,


Morgan Kelly